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Acupuncture is a personal service and as such we understand that you will want to know a bit about the acupuncturist who will be treating.

Jonathan has been owner and principal acupuncturist at SF Acupuncture (formerly Barnsley Acupuncture since 2009.). Other acupuncturists have , and will, work in the clinic particularly to provide cover at busy times. But in all probability it will be Jonathan who treats you. He provides an introductory statement below.

” I studied acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York between 2006 and 2009. Prior to that I’d worked as an accountant , mostly in the education sector.

I’ve always participated in sport, mostly running and swimming and to alesser extent cycling. I’d found acupuncture to be very effective at resolving issues in a way in which other modalities such as physiotherapy didn’t seem to be. Fancying a change in direction I took the plunge in 2006 to swap numbers for needles and study to be an acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is how I make my living. I’m not doing this a sideline and other than a small amount of swimming teaching I don’t have any other paid employment. 

Over the years I’ve treated thousands of people in the Barnsley and Wakefield areas. Helping them with fertility, muscular pains, anxiety, sports injuries, migraines and the many other forms of wear and tear that life throws in our direction. I love helping people with whatever their problem is and more often than not do get a full resolution for the patient. But more than that I relish the opportunity to meet and interact with a vast number of different people. It is a job that I genuinely enjoy doing and can’t really see myself wanting to retire from.

I continue to try and look after my own health but I do understand the challenges that life presents to us all. I am entirely non-judgemental in my approach to helping people.

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