woman not sleeping

Sleep Better Solutions.

Poor sleep is a consistent theme in poor health. That’s my conclusion from 14 years of practicing acupuncture. All too frequently patients coming to the clinic with a range of problems will report poor sleep. Not full insomnia , just consistently sub optimal sleep.

Fertility, muscle pain, migraines and digestive problems all seemed to be impacted by poor sleep. Acupuncture tends to improve sleep for a few days following treatment, but that wasn’t enough. We needed a solution that could completely reset sleep for the better. Sleep Better Solutions was the product of several years’ of research, trial and error. It doesn’t work for everyone but it can have very good and quick results. The plan is cheap, safe and easy to implement. It’s also unique you won’t find it anywhere else.

Recognising the role of sleep in health has resulted in development of the 3 point sleep plan. The plan is free to all our acupuncture patients ( normal price £36) It’s marketed separately at a dedicated website which has much more information.

If you would like to buy the plan without booking in for sleep either follow the link above or click on the Sleep Better Now button below.

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