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Our aim is simple. To make acupuncture and cupping affordable and accessible whilst also covering our ( ever increasing) costs and make a living.

Our prices tend to be slightly less than those of comparable clinics. That’s not because the quality of the treatment is less- it’s because the service offer has been deliberately  designed that way!

We offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation for all prospective patients. The consultation can be combined with a first treatment

Our treatment prices are;-


Single Treatment £30

Block of 5  £125.

Double Treatment ( 2 patients single session at same time ) £40.

Home Visit. £40 ( £50 double)

Monthly Direct Debit Scheme / £19 per month ( Single) £35 per month double.


Single Treatment £35

Block of 5 £135

Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Single Treatment £35.

Block of 5 Treatments £135

Double Treatment (2 patients 1 session at same time) £45.

Discounts are available for patients who have an income based exemption from prescription charges. Please ask for details at the time of booking.

Charges for cupping and facial cosmetic  are higher due to the increased insurance premiums associated with these treatments.

There is a £5 discount of first treatment price for anyone who can identify where the picture on this page is. The picture changes every few months and you can claim the discount again for a new image.

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